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Expert, independent, outsourced auditing service done by leading industry experts.


Inspection Training

Looking to book yourself onto the official LASNTG Audit/Inspections course in Ireland?


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Use the power of going digital with our App containing all the reports you need.

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Why Inspect?

  • Ensure the safety of road workers and road users
  • Ensure mobility of traffic flow through roadworks
  • Are the works in compliance with Chapter 8 of the TSM

What do you Inspect?

  • The installed layout including the specification and condition of the TTM Elements
  • The installation and removal methodology
  • The function/performance of the TTM Layout from the road users perspective

When do you Inspect?

  • During TTM setup and removal
  • After Installation
  • Long term works - inspect during night time and daytime conditions
  • After modifications or phase changes
  • After incidents or accidents
  • As required by your Organisational policy or procedure

Do you need to inspect your site?

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If you wish to attend the next LASNT Audit and Inspection course, please call or email us and we will fit you on the next available date.

During the 2 day LASNTG Audit and Inspection course, it will cover:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the theory behind Temporary Traffic Management on Level 1, 2 and 3 roads.
  • Know the elements of a Temporary Traffic Management layouts.
  • Knowledge of equipment used on each road level and the standards which is applied to that equipment.
  • Be able to safely and competently carry out an inspection of a Temporary Traffic Management arrangement on any road level.
  • Understand the requirements for carrying a Temporary Traffic Management arrangements, policies and procedures within a organisation.

Want to sit on the Inspection course?

Get in touch and we'll get you qualified in no time.

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If you are looking to use all the benefits of organisation going digital, why not contact us an see how our Audit and Inspection App can help:

Our Software App allows you to:

  • Record Site GPS Locations
  • Record Site Photos
  • Record Site Signatures
  • Form to be emailed once complete
  • All History can be viewed
  • All Paperwork Required to do Audit and Inspection
  • If you have multiple inspectors, you can control the data using the complementary Dashboard that gives you a full overview

Contact us for a free demo!

Get in touch today and we'll be happy to show you how our system can reduce your cost.



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